raincoat 1 – MIRL design


We call rainy days bad weather, however, when rainy days occur more often we may have to change that opinion. When the earth warms up by 2 degrees, The Netherlands will face many more moments with heavy persistent rainfall. So why not change the perspective of bad weather for the next generation by celebrating rainy days?

These 3 unique raincoats come alive by making inventive use of the rainwater. While collecting, containing and pouring water, the raincoat becomes a wearable playground. One has a fun funnel in the sleeve, another collects water in tubes sewn into the hem, and a third unfolds to form a big receptacle for a carry-on puddle.

The +2degrees raincoats are now exhibited at the Dutch Design Week, Graduation show Design Academy Eindhoven

De Campina – 20 til 28 October